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HASSIA was founded anew in 1901, but actually has even older roots in the shoe factory Wallerstein & Liebmann, established in 1884, which was known for its special innovation.

From the beginning, HASSIA has stood for comfortable, high-quality shoes, recognized through awards and patents

From 1949 onwards, HASSIA specialized in women's shoes under the motto "Masterpieces in quality and fit."

Advertising in the 1950s proclaimed: "Internally foot-friendly - externally fashionable!" "Even with foot problems, the ideal shoes!"

The refined multiple width fits and comfortable interiors still guarantee relaxed walking throughout the day.

Removable interchangeable footbeds - featured in nearly all HASSIA shoes - allow for individual adjustment and the use of personal insoles.

Women who value attractive appearance and genuine wearing comfort choose HASSIA Premium Comfort.

HASSIA - a brand of the LORENZ Shoe Group.